Skull O' Maniac

Design by glory with lions

Skull O' Maniac by glory with lions on Threadless
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glory with lions
glory with lions profile pic Artist

Please wait for at least 2 seconds for a smaller mouth opening. Hope to get good comments from you. Thank you so much.

EZFL profile pic Alumni


BubuSam profile pic Alumni

Yah, nice!


Option 1. Oh, and those eyes would look fun on girls.


A little too similar to the skull shirt that already exists on threadless...


Option 2 please.


Option 2 but yeah too similar to Bramish's design. Shame.

ivejustquitsmoking profile pic Alumni

can they make a part of it in UV so when you go out the mouth becomes bigger? hehe

glory with lions
glory with lions profile pic Artist

Thanks for your insights ivejustquitsmoking. "If ever and hopefully" this gets printed I'm sure Threadless will surely make the best out of it. Thank you everyone for your support. You're great and very nice.


Option 1 should be the design and then glow ink for the mouth open...

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

It is and isn't the same as Bramish's design. This is a bit more interactive with the shirt illustrating the skull's mouth and has a completely different feel to the illo, I'd go for the more open-mouthed option 1 although like many have said it's a bit too close spiritually to warrant a print here probably. Nice work tho.




if printed Tee would change optios1 to 2 every 2 seconds I'd wear it 100% no doubt for real everyday and maybe some nights too :) if I need choose... I like option1 more


I don't think I've ever rated a "skull" kinda shirt highly... but I would TOTALLY wear this!


Oh, and I really like both options honestly.

Dexter Spandex

i want a hologram shirt that moves like that when i walk around looking THE BUSINESS

glory with lions
glory with lions profile pic Artist

Thank you for your kindness. I'm happy for the comments even it scored low.

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