skull and horn

Design by droopbomb

skull and horn by droopbomb on Threadless
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droopbomb profile pic Artist

she has skulls and horns.

dschwen profile pic Alumni

Amazing illustration.


now that's just awesome! 5


Diggin' the colors

courtney pie

Ian Leino on Jun 29 '10 Whoa. Terrifying but awesome

brayn drain

gaaah! courtney pie is right

deivido mx

as a tee or as a print, whatever, i want it! :0

il ratino

great job! I buy ¨Ghost¨today. i want this one too!!! 5!!

Plu Shu

Not my type of tees, but def a great illo. You should post it on Emptees if not done already, they'd love it !

Anything Goes
Anything Goes profile pic Alumni

Great illustration!

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