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i get it! it's really cute. but i would make the tag a little more like the beanie-baby kind, because everyone would get that


its a label on the back of squirel and the arm is from them soft toy machines


This is a great idea, just needs better execution. Have a look at one of the arms in one of those machines and draw it more realistically. Also make it clearer that the squirrel is plush.


If the squirrel is plush, it's not likely to have a tag on the middle of its back...kind of an odd place for a tag.

Then again, I remember in the 80's when Girbaud was putting tags on the front button placket of their shirts (and I think on the zipper fronts of their pants, too). Do they still do that?

I guess anything is possible.


I had no idea what this was until I read the comments. Those crane things usually come down straight from above. Also, maybe if it was more apparent that the squirrel is a toy, i.e. stitch lines or something? The "tag" ...unclear.

Cute, but a little confusing.


It's weird that you can see into both ears from the side. The light brown in the ear farthest away has to go.

And it took me quite a while to figure out it's a stuffed squirrel. It doesn't look (enough) like one. Give it some stiches and stuff (no pun intended) to make it look more .. stuffed.

Also I think the arm would work better if it came down vertically (like they do). That would emphasize the "crane game" look, too.


maybe have silhouettes of other stuffed animals?


i didn't get it until i read the comments. the crane arms should be longer and maybe more suffed animals around. love the concept idea though


it's Scrat!


So. cute...but I don't get it either. I could be a crane game..but A squirrel plush isn't really realistic in one of those games...I don't think anyway.


I say, redo the tag & crane hand, then resubmit. I would definitely buy it if it were more decipherable.

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