Sketchy Shrooms

Design by blonde8007

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little g
little g profile pic Alumni

Yay Gina! I really enjoy this! $5

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

Sha-bow! It's a mushroom! Sha-bow!

I don't even know what sha-bow means...


bananaphone profile pic Alumni

I always knew you were a druggo, you looking at me with those crazy eyes, how could I have not noticed.

blonde8007 profile pic Artist

of course i know they dont really look like that.. an exact picture of a mushroom on a shirt would be boring. i thought i'd make it a little more interesting. to each his own :)

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

gtrachel on Jul 09 '06
I love mushrooms and I'll wear almost anything with mushrooms on it--but not this. Come on, have you ever even looked at a mushroom? They don't have roots like that, and the caps aren't hollow.

And last time I checked, Darth Vader didn't have a hedge garden, but that shirt still works. Use your imagination!


lower placement looks really cool


i like the shirt, but it really bothers me that the stem doesn't meet the cap in the center.


I really dislike this. Really really really dislike this.


I'd like pale yellow on light brown myself. 5$

staffell profile pic Alumni


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