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HOLY SH*T. I had one of those, and nearly broke my neck on several occassions trying to spin as fast as possible and then falling off into a wall. Good times, good times.



actually, the reason the handle isn't centerd may be because that part is raised. it's been so long, i think i remember it being like that. maybe add a bit to that reflection to show more of a rise.


For those who never experienced one, a sit in spin is where you sit on the large disc and wrap your legs around the center pole, then you spin the top disc and it spins you around. There's some kind of disc inside I guess that spins. Pretty damn cool for a kid. I loved mine :D


they should make adult size sit-n-spins now!


^i am aware how bad that sounds, however, it would be cool
other shirt colors would be cool too, i'm kinda getting tired of "that" blue


I had to hand copy a chapter of my bio book when I told my teacher to go sit and spin on his thumb. I was worth writing the chapter. Ah memories...anyone else do a sit and spin for tons of time and then crack up hysterically trying to walk in a straight line?


my kids have one! the colors are great just the way they are.


Interesting! Very interesting.

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