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SEVEN-HUNDRED profile pic Artist

Girls! Girls! Gills!

Miss Coral

Crab-kinis, Sequenced Jellyfish lingerie and Starfish nipple tassels, these three fine finned females are here to tempt you to a watery demise...

See links above for colour options, larger detailed view, and if you fancy, desktops.

Thanks for your votes and comments.

the czar

links don't work


Ew. I don't like it.

It's too hentai for my tastes.




Ditto to 13strong....

It's a little, um, perverted?


There is something wrong with bubbles' face.


Perfect for a child molester.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

God...kelpie is SUCH a slutbag.

And keli, how do you connect a shirt with three full-figured women mermaids with child molesters? Do you people even think about the words they are typing sometimes?


I feel bad just looking at this. But I also feel like going to
get this off here before we are infected with stereotypes.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Aw, they can't split.



Those boobs look SO FAKE

I wish I had boobs like that. Seriously.


i think this is a very clever idea especially since there is the well-known legend of mermaid's lurring sailors


It's halfway between cute and a little weird - I'd like it if you put a proper bikini top on Kelpie - but where would it go on a shirt?

SEVEN-HUNDRED profile pic Artist

Wow - you guys dislike this almost as much as my girlfriend does...

So let me try to defend myself a little, and address some of the issues:

Boobage: okay, fair enough. As a guy, i find it hard to draw boobs, i'm always a little inclined to make them bigger than is probably physically possible. However, these girls are supposed to be Vegas-type strippers, and it isn't meant to be a life drawing. Hence, they are a little exaggerated. But thats kinda the point. They are meant to distract you, tempt you to stare and ogle them...

Perverted/Hentai: Okay, fair enough, but again, it is a design based around the kinda of seedyness and desperation of strip-clubs (come on, you've got to give me the 'Girls!!! Girls!!! Gills!!! line) and the darkness contained within them. So you should feel perverted and a little disgusted with yourself when you look at this design. These girls are only doin it to get through college after all, and theres you, with all these filthy thoughts...

The 'Hook-ups' issue: Yes, i did study the Hook-ups artwork in the creation of this design. And, i probably should have been a little more creative with the designs of the girls. But as mlnewco pointed out, i don't think you can call this a direct rip off. I used the hook-up girls as templates and gave them a brand new angle. And as for the 'Nurse girl' hat, I saw at as more of a sailors hat, and kept in the design as i thought it looked like just another 'trophy' that one of this murderous trio might keep.

"Perfect for a child molester": I'm with FrickenAwesome on this one. I don't think there is anything childlike about any of these three.

"I'm sorry but if I saw anyone wearing this I would go out of my way to stay as far away as possible from them." Jedibamf, I'm just sorry that somewith such a cool name, isn't a fan.

But, apart from chelly, does anyone else really get the whole design? Or to you just see the boobs?

SEVEN-HUNDRED profile pic Artist

and if you don't hate it too much, you maybe interested in these, working, links to the other colour variations

SEVEN-HUNDRED profile pic Artist

^ But great, still an 'i'd buy'


I like it in the blue and the green. While I love the whole idea, the faces could maybe use a little work though. If you take offense to this, I think you are taking life a bit too seriously. The nautical theme is great, anyone notic the skulls and discarded scuba equipment? It's because they are sirens! Oh well...


I like the kelpie version best. I think you need to revisit bubbles' face though, it looks squashed.

SEVEN-HUNDRED profile pic Artist

Thanks AirunJae.

And the definition of a Siren, for anyone thats still not quite gettin it.


what the heck is wrong with you


I like the subtle skulls at the bottom of the design.


I like it.
Its bold.
However Bubbles's face needs some serious work. Its ill proportioned and not up to the standards of her sisters.
It needs work but its a great design. I think it would look best on the green that Kelpie is in or the Purple of Coral.


The most you're gonna see on a mermaid stripper is naked breasts, and that one is already only wearing starfish. It doesn't seem like they could put on enough of a show to lure sailors to their death. Maybe if they were the other kind of mermaid, with the fish part on top and the lady part on the bottom.


The artwork is very well done. Most of the kids on this site are too conservative to handle anything like this. I can't say that I'd wear it, but, as I said, the artwork is well done. Plus, I love boobs. Those aren't fake, they've just been preserved by their boyancy.


I think I spelled buoyancy wrong.




You know, it took me a while to realize that I was typing that on the design comment itself, and not a blog. I think I have problems...


kinda perv....
bad anime

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

I don't see how you can say that this isn't a direct rip off of Hook Ups. You realized that you are claiming you just "Studied" and used them as a "Template" but, they are in the same poses and look basically the same.
If the faces are the same, and they are in the same pose but you just tured them into mermaids, that's still S-T-E-A-L-I-N-G someone's art. You didn't create these characters. dude. I'm pretty disappointed.

SEVEN-HUNDRED profile pic Artist

Okay jpiatt - fair enough, but at least reconsider your score based on the idea alone... i plan to redo this at some stage, with all my own, original artwork, as i think the idea itself is sound.

Having you say your disappointed is worse than you saying your angry...

SEVEN-HUNDRED profile pic Artist

that sould be 2 you're up there...

SEVEN-HUNDRED profile pic Artist

And that should be should - jeez

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