Sir, I think you may have misheard me.

Design by thewindofchange

Sir, I think you may have misheard me. by thewindofchange on Threadless
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wayneking profile pic Alumni

Tee hee! Love the textures, and the way the blues really stand out on the navy shirt. Will you be putting the text on the back of the shirt...cause it's pretty saucy you know!

ndikol profile pic Alumni


tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

way to completely miss the point of the design, ian

lawrence loh
lawrence loh profile pic Alumni

haha simply nice


This happened to me when I indulged in a mescaline appletini.

I kinda wish the guy on the right's hat was sitting on his head, so that lefty's would look even more like it was flying off in surprise.

Shok Xone Studios

I like the simplicity and the subtle texture. If I could make one suggestion, make the eye on the left side wider, to really sell the "surprise!" element.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

hahaha, it's a nice piece, a great study in shape and illusion, but i must admit it's not something i'd gallivant around town in while spending the night in a souse house. I do love the explanation as well.


Ian Vicious on May 23 '09
pretty cool.. though it looks like two guys kissing.. (maybe change a hat to a bow) ..

Did you not read the little excerpt? That was the whole point. It's clever, thewindofchange. I wouldn't have expected this, but I like how you got both emotions for the two halves down pat.


funny!!!i like it!!

pls check out mine!


all the time!

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