Sink Sank Sunk

Design by bortwein

Sink Sank Sunk by bortwein on Threadless
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mezo profile pic Alumni

HEY! I remember this sketch of yours from MONTHS ago....

Looks way better now!

The texture on the water hose thing is the best.


Robsoul profile pic Alumni

woah, that's pretty crazy. I too love the water texture, I just think that it should be a lighter blue and maybe contained with in the sink.

Love the concept. solid work.

bortwein profile pic Artist

"Why is the sub also the faucet"? This design is based on a little bit of imagination. I saw one of those faucet water filters once and the shape reminded me of a sub, so I thought it would be fun if the filter was a sub and it's spray was the weapon that was sinking the ship. See my profile for a blog about this where I will post an image of one of those filters I saw.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

very cool...
army men are the ultimate toy that last thru the ages
quality design


Neat, i didn't even see that sinking ship til you pointed it out. I like it. The pattern is wacky in a good way, too. Good job.

pseudonymjones profile pic Alumni

I love it hard-style with a five dollars. I prefer it on brown but only because I look good in dark shirts. Realistically the blues look better, considering... the water.

jublin profile pic Alumni

great job dude and i really love the color combos. this is the absolute tops!


the sink looks hand drawn - but the heliicopter and ship look like clip art - and that contrast totally kills this for me. you really should've taken the extra time to draw them out so the styles matched. since the army mens' feet are connected it would still be obvious that they are toys.

and my first thought was Toy Story (not that that's bad).

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

This looks very cool! One of your finest bort! I'm in for the brown one!


neato- the sub is like one of those PUR filters isnt it ? XD

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

4 sure!!
That looks great.. and the helicoptor lifting the hose thingy is a cack!


mmm. this is good stuff. I really want to rescue that guy in the water, though!



i like it with the greeeen on grey and the blue.
i dont know why i added like 4 e's to the green. ha.


I like it on brown

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

Good job and good luck with the score!
The water is awesome.

staffell profile pic Alumni



i love this! nice textures. i do agree with robsoul's comment about the water being contained in the sink...
but great work, as usual:)

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