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SEVEN-HUNDRED profile pic Artist

Round 2 of JRays Battles contest

Theme this time was 'Warm & Sunny Days'

"What a glorious feeling, just singin' in the sun..."

Detailed views and colour options will be down a few comments, they never seem to work in this first one.

Thanks for your votes and comments

"Doo be doo do, doobe doo doo do..."

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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I really like this idea, and the sky behind the action makes the composition pop, but I think the character's leg is angled too strangely, making him look like he's disabled in some way. Also, maybe he could be holding a small beach towel or beach umbrella to complete the scene? Still, really cool idea 300+400.


It looks like he IS holding a beach umbrella to me...


thats actually really funny



I love Singin' In The Rain.

Awesome parody.


I live near the beach and I love this. NO RAIN! Bad!


It looks like he IS holding a beach umbrella to me...

A beach umbrella is larger than a standard umbrella and has a thicker, straight handle -- but that is easily fixed.

jrmasm profile pic Alumni

Well Done 700, glad I'm not in your group...

mj00 profile pic Alumni

This is nice work, though as moonizia said I hope that if this prints, the crotch shading is toned down a bit :)


tee hee, gene kelly. he holds my heart.

Jemae profile pic Alumni

yeah, orange version is the best! well done job, mate! 5$! :)

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

welldone!! this one so FUN!! let sing along! 5

more heat than light

Superb. Seriously, please print this, it's incredible. $5 all the way.

SEVEN-HUNDRED profile pic Artist

Thanks more heat than light, always nice to get appreciation from another Steve : )

yoshi andrian
yoshi andrian profile pic Alumni

do be doo doo dollar... and five

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Alumni

ahahah -- awsome!

herky profile pic Alumni

great parody and illustration, I like it on natural

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

awesome - banana 5$

Randy Jackson

Yo dawg, I'm feelin this one! It's funny and well executed. You're in the dawg pound man!

SEVEN-HUNDRED profile pic Artist

I know, the crotch shading is a rookie mistake. It's an easy fix though. I hope the voters aren't put off by it too much...

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