sin, cos, lampshade

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sin, cos, lampshade by ivana on Threadless
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You have a great idea here.

I recognize
a potted plant
a mand in a chair
a tall floor lamp
a TV
but what are those two other things?

Maybe you could change the two far right
objects into
a child chasing his/her sibling
pets ( parrot in a cage or a dog chasing a cat )
music equipment ( radio, speakers, record player )
clock ( cuckoo clock, grandfather clock, wall clock )
that RCA logo of the dog listening to the gramophone player

ivana profile pic Artist

hey, thanks for the comments!

the thing on the left is supposed to be a in basic sound propagation diagrams. i didn't know if it'd be recogniseable as sound without it so i just kept it as simple as possible.

the second last thing is just a power outlet...the tv's supposed to look plugged into it, and the last is just an 'e' for eisley. i couldn't add much else or it wouldn't fit across the shirt :/

and i kind of wanted a sepia tone to it, kahki was the closest color i think. burgundy might've been alright too if i changed the darkest lines so they didn't get lost.

anyway, all criticism welcome...i'm still learning the fine art of adobe illustrator. atleast 4 out of 6 things were recognizable ;)

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