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Silly Rabbit

Design by Angelrobot

Silly Rabbit by Angelrobot on Threadless
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Angelrobot profile pic Artist
The spotlight could be printed in glow-in-the-dark ink (but then you would be selfishly hiding the punchline from all your daytime friends).
Angelrobot profile pic Artist
I debated about the black shadow. Ultimately I thought it needed to be grounded. Here on the site, the gray shirt looks lighter than it did in my Photoshop file, so it seems a little harsher. It adds a printed color, so maybe I don't need it..!
mezo profile pic Alumni
Is that Abe Lincoln?
briancook profile pic Alumni
I kinda like having a shadow under him. Might be a tad dark, but I say keep something there.
Angelrobot profile pic Artist
Hey, he does kinda look like Lincoln. Thanks for the comments. Now that it's been posted a few days, here's my self-critique. I would de-Lincolnfy him by making his jaw smaller and remove the chest bulk to make it look more like a hand shadow. And, if it isn't awkward, bend a finger or two of the rabbit's hand...
Santo76 profile pic Alumni
looks good! I think that the problem with the shadow is that it's not in the same color of the line work... that's why it looks odd. Maybe if you had all the strokes in a dark gray the shadow could be in the same color.
Santo76 profile pic Alumni
hey, maybe instead of the shadow itself, you could have done a little highlight arround it using a halftone... I like it anyway, great job!
PuppetMeat profile pic Alumni
Nice! I like anything with an old fashioned pipe.
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