Silent Killer

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Silent Killer by grypesagon on Threadless
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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Not to be a dick, but isn't this a tad close to my "mimes, ninjas and cholestoral: the silent killers" slogan? I still like it tho Grypes. Nice black and white to color contrasts.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Yeah, on second thought, this is pretty different from my slogan. Sorry for filling up this comment section with unneccesary drama.


I like this one definately better then that other one mime one. Can you please make it possible to have the logo placed on the bottom of the shirt, because I find shirts that are not centered more unique.


I really like the mime, and this I would like this better without all the dead clowns lying around.


i agree, this one is so very muchly gooder than the other.

Edword profile pic Alumni

well done!


HA i like the slogan, too
and dexter's lab

Duke Kettai

It's nice, but needs to be cleaned up a little bit. Perhaps kinda pulling the whole scene a little closer together?

lunchboxbrain profile pic Alumni

a back alley environment would make this a 5 for me. as is, 4. nice concept and great character execution.


I'm not keen on the illustration - it looks too amateurish, and sketchy.

The positioning of the clowns is weird, and their proportions are off. The general layout doesn't have enough impact.

Also, the mix of cowboy and mime comes off looking too gothy. I think you could drop the whole cowboy thing, and it would still work.

I do like the idea of a mime using his mime-guns to kill people. Clever.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

cool - it is clown hatred week at threadless -

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