signs and coins

Design by therearesomewhocallme_tim

signs and coins by therearesomewhocallme_tim on Threadless
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The vertical one is better I think.


Not fond of the shirt colors - my brain wants the shirt to be darker, which feels better with the verboten-ness of it all, but I'm not sure if printing in light on a dark shirt would remove the feel of it being a charcoal rubbing. I'm torn.

Totally awesome design :)


Vertical one better, pink/black is my fave but for unisex maybe another color. Charcoal?


very interesting concept...


I agree that the color of the shirt should be darker...but then the contrast mit verboten, Dark, and all the writing would not be there anymore...otherwise its nice.


I like the alternative placement better. I like the design, but I don't like the color choices. Maybe gray or olive would be good.

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thank you all

im not fixed with the tee colours..
i also like the grey in the background ;)

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