Sigmund & Psyco Monkey

Design by airobit

Sigmund & Psyco Monkey by airobit on Threadless
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The mind is like an iceberg, it floats with one-seventh of its bulk above water.
Sigmund Freud


love love love!


The text inside the brain... is awkward.

If I can make a suggestion, I'd say expand the prose until you have enough text to cover the brain as a kind of watermark: semi-transparent, and behind the layer with the patient and the monkey.

airobit profile pic Artist

thanks for your's my first design in threadless , so please tell me normally how you put in practice the suggestions, i mean if i change my project, i must resubmit it again changed? there is the critique section to do this, or not? bye

The Amazing Fracturedpope

I love this idea, but I'd lose the quote at the bottom and increase the size of the text in the brain ever so slightly.


I would love to see the text relate to the area of the brain in which they are located. Right now it looks like they are scattered notes from a psychology class.

airobit profile pic Artist

thanking again for your suggestions, is there anybody who can answer to my question in my previous post?


i would like to go back in time
and tell sigmund how far off he is with all his jibber jabber about 'mind'. tell me, where is the mind? what is a thought? i have many questions about that

this shirt however is a neat idea
the brain needs some texture
and maybe you could write the names on the folds of the cerebral cortex?
it's a good start.

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