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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

An amazing compendium to Yoshi's "Music in the Past" tee printed up a few months ago. I hope people don't dismiss this just becuase they both deal with using old victrolas in substitution for modern musical technology, because this idea is just as visually stunning and just as brilliant. It doesn't make much sense with the ear piece being on the other side as well to make a headphone (unless there is another record on that side which there could be), but 5$$$$ nonetheless.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

so cool


pow.... curti pra caralho hein... cinc√£o mesmo.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

wow, i had this very idea as well. nicely done.
[now i can check off another unfinished design as not to do, haha]

zipperking profile pic Alumni

nice fresh take!


Doidera! =D


Wow. This is wonderfully rendered; I love the colors and the tee color as well. $5

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

huhu 5$

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