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Showing My Pride by nbright on Threadless
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Ha ha! I love your subs! Keep 'em coming. $5


this reminds me of the song shadowland from The Lion King about "remembering your pride" (nerrrd). i agree about removing the text. if you keep the text, i'd say incorporate it more into the design.


I hope the last one gets printed cuz it's cuter w/ the lions doin it, and licking, and being in love. But this is nice too!


i prefer the last one. /shrug. And i really dislike this typeface- i doesn't really blend well with the sketchy quality of the illustrations. 2

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Your other one wasn't my favorite, but you were going for a cool concept that i enjoyed more than this one. It is well drawn and the idea is there and understandable, but this one smacks of Target.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

the other one got a good score and had a solid concept. This one's much weaker, but the art is still very ncie :D


Seems like people preferred gay pride!

I think you stand a good chance of GP being printed. Don't worry about making it more "inclusive". I'm straight and I would wear the gay pride one.


This is like the 50 Cent of lions.

Which means I don't like it.

We want gay lions! etc...


I agree with a lot of these people. Your Gay Pride design was a million times better. 1


What pride would you be showing without the gay pride??


i hope your lady lions eat you

that mop

I don't like the text being there.

staffell profile pic Alumni

what a whore


Yay gay?
I didn't think gay, But I like the whole pride thing.
I'd love gay though.
Anyway, I would buy this,
Maybe different font.


really really like yer arts. this is nice, but my god will you please submit the gay pride one over and over again untill it is printed and then i will wear it everyday?


I much prefer the gay one.
I'm glad you submitted this though - the comments will continue to show Threadless they've got a big seller on their hands for the gay one!

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