Shot from the hip? I got it.

Design by rodrigobhz

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rodrigobhz profile pic Artist

I think this design captures 6/10 Golden Rules of Lomography. Starting with #4:

4) Try the shot from the hip.
Oh Grandma, not from this hip...

1) Take your camera everywhere you go.
Yeah, EVERYWHERE. Hippopotammu's mouth included.

2) Use it anytime – day and night.

6) Don't think.
As you can see, she is not thinking at all.

7) Be fast.
Please Grandma, BE FAST.

10) Don't worry about any rules.
Are you kidding me? She doesn't care about rules.

8 colors, light blue T-shirt, no specialty inks or print methods.

You can see details and models right here:

Large Preview

Guys Tee

Girls Tee

Thanks for voting!

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

shot from the HIPpo. wonderful!

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

psh katie, conceptually this is one of the best ones here!


Uh. . . Ian, if you click the little camera that says "t shirt" below it, it will show you the design on the t shirt. . . . .which is textless.


Oh come on... the idea is awesome! And so is the design.

rodrigobhz profile pic Artist

it's up!

uow, ginette like it! It's a good sign :)

Yeah, XlupoldX is right! The T-shirt is TEXTLESS! Click on the camera that says 'T-Shirt' to see the design on T!

(thanks XlupoldX for the help :)

Thanks for the nice comments!


Look, THAT is a fine piece of art. Creative idea plus a cunning drawing.
Congrats, man, I've been following your works since your first submission and you always get my five$.


It's a very good drawing and a cool concept, but it will be lost without any explanation.. I personally like designs that don't need any additional explanation

rodrigobhz profile pic Artist

Trindli: If you don't get the concept the design looks funny or/and nonsensical, right? Well, I think it is a good thing :)

Georgie, granny's got a new haircut, be nice.

Thanks guys for the nice comments!

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