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BasicShift profile pic Alumni

Another great one... clean simple and elegant with a nice twist!

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

love the placement dude

mezo profile pic Alumni

Love your lines!

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

both of your art history subs have excellent line work, humble or not, its very well done

abeadle profile pic Alumni

I love the mix of the old Japanese brush style with modern technology! Placement is awesome too, $5!

Luke... profile pic Artist
1 design submitted - Score Now!

ahhh, well... the tight-rope of subtlety is a treacherous act of balance.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

beautiful lines again!
I love chinese art.

kooky love
kooky love profile pic Alumni
1 design submitted - Score Now!

simple line for deeply messages
nice design$5

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

the red is a bit loud luke... but if you were to tone it down just a tad itd be fine other than that very nice I love teh mountains

Luke... profile pic Artist
1 design submitted - Score Now!

i just knew someone was gonna get a technical on me about the details.....sigh

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

i think it looks awesome on a khaki shirt

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