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Short Man Syndrome

Design by Jules Eff

Short Man Syndrome by Jules Eff on Threadless
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Jules Eff
Jules Eff profile pic Artist
Short Man Syndrome (Also known as SMS): A personality complex affecting short men who compensate for their short stature through arrogant, obnoxious and irritating behavior. Enjoy :)
This is so creative and well executed although some might find this a little offensive?
Jules Eff
Jules Eff profile pic Artist
I really hope this doesn’t offend and people see it as a bit of fun. It’s supposed to be very tongue-in-cheek :) Thanks for your comment
L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni
The box around the definition bugs me, but the rest of the design is funny (and sometimes true). Nice one.
ah, the rare right-hand drive hummer
I think saying arrogant is going a little bit above and beyond. The whole design is pretty funny. I'm 5'3, I loved the design and found it funny until you got to the definition. If you removed the definition I think it would be great. Otherwise I think it comes off as being offensive. Instead of defining it at the bottom, just write "Short man Syndrome (SMS). That's all you need to say. Anything more is going to sink your design.
I can think of several SMS men for this shirt. Awesome!
macdoodle profile pic Alumni
did some short guy steal your girfriend or something? :)
maybe i should get this for my bf :P
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