Shop Less, Live More!

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Shop Less, Live More! by tomcornfoot on Threadless
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Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Alumni

Cool type, but I don't like slogans that feels like an ad.

Hi my name is

Not to kill your ideas, but these slogans that your posting are not your own this one is from


Yeah... while it's an excellent message, and while I really support Buy Nothing Day, I don't really feel it'd be fair if you won a prize for taking a well-known existing slogan and slapping it on a shirt.


Well yeah. The fact that it's not that original is pretty much the point.



Luke... profile pic Alumni

i dig it


Who says you can't do both at the same time?
You can shop for homeless orphans.
You can shop for an engagement ring.
etc. . . :)

The Paper Crane
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Bloody brilliant - I totally agree with that! Although maybe in principle people should not buy this t-shirt!

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