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Yhea! it's a good idea... I'm not an expert in the hindi culture, but I think it is Ganesh who has 6 arms (the one that looks like an elephant)
I'll give it a try, thanks!


I don't much about this, but from a very quick google search it seems that both Shiva and Ganesh have four arms, and that it is Ganesha who is associated with the om symbol.

I'm one who prefers accuracy, so I probably would have liked it if you'd done some research and were sure of your facts :)

But that's just me :)

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I also like accuracy, and of course I did some research. I said I'm not an expert because I just did research enough to create a T based on Shiva. She is sometimes represented with only 2 arms and some other times with 4 (it depends on the age of the painting and the religious branch).

Anyway, I didn't want a shirt filled with arms... I just wanted the ohm hand (wich Shiva also has) wich represents her protection. I wanted something simple and with this hindi style... just this...

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