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Maybe it was just me but I read this as ShitWorm and the khaki shirt wasn't helpin' your cause. :(


wow, i thought it was shit worm too. A bit too hangin' on the racks of a 7/11 for me.

Bli profile pic Artist

lol .. shit worm ... hehe nice

As for shirt colour, I personally like this one, but that doesn't mean its tied to it, in critique, i did a few variations, but after giving a few people some bad seizures i decided to stick with one knowing that any colour can be used really, i've kept the shadow as a seperate layer so it can be recoloured to what ever colour works best as a shadow on different colours.

Anyone got a link to where this has already been done?

I wonder why none of the 'shitworm' comments appeared in critique?

Thanks for the comments this far!

Bli profile pic Artist

Cheers FA ... same kinda idea I guess ... but not too close tho' eh?

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

The way it fools the eye is good...a little too good. I think I will have nightmares.


Your illustration style totally wins. So expressive and perfectly cartoon-y.


Forgot to include: please sub more shirts.

Bli profile pic Artist

:D .. ya know, I knew there was summat about this guy ...


haha pretty funny


another fantastic design!! keep this up! $5

Bli profile pic Artist

woohoo ... seems my second design is maybe doing a little better than my first!

(just hope i haven't spoken/typed too soon!)

Bli profile pic Artist

yeah, never thought about it as a kid's shirt ... but now you mention it, I think it would work well

Bli profile pic Artist

oooh .. can i make it to the last day without being dropped ... ooh .. i'm so excited I could ... I could ... crush a grape!


haha i love his legs

Bli profile pic Artist

hehe .. I've no idea what you just said, I must be getting too old lol ... is that 'good' then MouseSaysBo? - thanks for the comment either way :D

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