Ship of Fools

Design by WanderingBert

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WanderingBert profile pic Artist

The 'Ship of Fools' is an old allegory that has long been used in Western culture in literature and paintings. With a sense of self-criticism, it describes the world and its human inhabitants as a vessel whose deranged passengers neither know nor care where they are going. (From Wikipedia)

Looks great on dark blue or any other dark colour, and also looks good on yellow, red or light blue. (links to colour variations and bigger image on my profile).

Uses 5 colours plus the shirt colour.

renfrue profile pic Alumni



i think the boat could use a little depth

kinda feels like the jesters are posing on a cardboard cut out for the sake of the picture.


awesesome work... as always 5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

A nice change-up for you...not exactly my favorite kind of chunky style for you, but I'm glad you still feel the need to get adventurous! Nice work.


not bad haha was this supposed to be hm i dont know a funny version of the painting ship of fools hahaha its nice though

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