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Shift, Ctrl, & Esc... by Luke... on Threadless
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herky profile pic Alumni

nice concept and great subtle colors

Luke... profile pic Artist

actually AzrimEkim, while i am an avid mac-user, i am stuck on a pc at work...and "shift-ctrl-esc" brings up "task manager"
[it can be used when programs freeze up...whcih happens alot on the pc i use....haha]

d3d profile pic Alumni

i wish the Esc button was riding a little motorbike but otherwise it looks awesome.

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

very nice work

thINK profile pic Alumni

Nice work

Luke... profile pic Artist

kudos to you "mysticknight....." for "fightin the power" -who ever it is to you.

[but for the record, the shortkey works on the XP system i use at work] but this design is more about the "found phrase" than anything else.
and if it doesnt work as a shortkey on your linux system, just set it up as a custom one...haha

mezo profile pic Alumni

What the....?! How did you get a usually heinous font like Copperplate to actually look good and work in the design?! You're a font genius! Now try it with Comic Sans!

Luke... profile pic Artist

mezo, YOU are my "font-master"...
[but every font has a home, well...almost every font...haha]
and i dont usually like all-cap fonts, but them sharp little serifs just complimented the barbed wire so nicely, plus it has the weight to take the half-tone distressing.

Sans Comic Sans!!!


nice! i like the movement a lot!

Jemae profile pic Alumni

This really works! Interesting idea/concept!
Definitely 5$
10Q! =)

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