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Shift, Ctrl, & Esc... by Luke... on Threadless
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herky profile pic Alumni

nice concept and great subtle colors

Luke... profile pic Artist

actually AzrimEkim, while i am an avid mac-user, i am stuck on a pc at work...and "shift-ctrl-esc" brings up "task manager"
[it can be used when programs freeze up...whcih happens alot on the pc i use....haha]

d3d profile pic Alumni

i wish the Esc button was riding a little motorbike but otherwise it looks awesome.

thINK profile pic Alumni

Nice work

Luke... profile pic Artist

kudos to you "mysticknight....." for "fightin the power" -who ever it is to you.

[but for the record, the shortkey works on the XP system i use at work] but this design is more about the "found phrase" than anything else.
and if it doesnt work as a shortkey on your linux system, just set it up as a custom one...haha

mezo profile pic Alumni

What the....?! How did you get a usually heinous font like Copperplate to actually look good and work in the design?! You're a font genius! Now try it with Comic Sans!

Luke... profile pic Artist

mezo, YOU are my "font-master"...
[but every font has a home, well...almost every font...haha]
and i dont usually like all-cap fonts, but them sharp little serifs just complimented the barbed wire so nicely, plus it has the weight to take the half-tone distressing.

Sans Comic Sans!!!


nice! i like the movement a lot!

Jemae profile pic Alumni

This really works! Interesting idea/concept!
Definitely 5$
10Q! =)

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