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Sheriff always drew scissors

Design by Glennz

Sheriff always drew scissors by Glennz on Threadless
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grayehound profile pic Alumni

They looked a little like they were dancing at first glance, and I think that's because the guy's "paper" hand has fingers apart. Yea, he's suprised and all, butit doesn't quite read as "paper".

Nice illustration and use of shape, but I'm thinking you needed to bring the brown into the black silhouettes a bit. The black is kinda heavy and could use a little breaking up.

Great concept and execution.


4+$. Maybe make it a little larger?


haha that really made me laugh. i don't like brown though, i'd buy in another colour.


It's great! 5$... I'd like it if there were a way to make his hand more obviously paper, but I think
it wouldn't look right in silhouette like that, probably.


Rock vs. Scissors might look more obvious, this one took a second to figure out :-) Awesome idea though!



he eally is the f* guy of threadless!!!

amazing shirt

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