Shell World

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Shell World by BitGie on Threadless
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Bob Tanaka

beautiful work, but i don't know if this is printable

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Amazing drawing or what have you, really evokes an ancient or secluded world away from manmade menace. Not sure if it works on a tee tho, but stellar work.


Wow. Beautiful.... Wow!!!
At the very least A PRINT!!! But I'd like the shirt too!! $$5!!


beautiful work! i'd have it across the chest though. and have the cone angle cover a wider area.

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

i wouldn't wear it on shirt, but it would be great production art for a fantasy film, book, video game, etc.

tt is the tman

I think it's awesome, keep it up!


has kinda an airbrush effect

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