She Screamed, But To No Avail

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She Screamed, But To No Avail


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This 'clothed' version is bound to disappoint the people who wanted inflatable nudity. Please understand that I think this is probably, on balance, for the best. It also supports the idea that these dolls are somehow 'alive' and self aware - so dispite the lack of flesh, please mark it on it's merits as a concept. Thanks to those who helped me make difficult decisions!

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fatheed in the house!

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You make good arts & you know it. So why the fuck are we all here? 5$

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I'm glad you took my advice. And only mine. No one else's advice matters in the critiques section or in life even. Just mine. In fact, when your mother told you to not eat yellow snow, she was lying to you. Trust me. About this design, the word immaculate comes to mind. Also, the number "5" and the symbol denoting cash money ("$") also comes to mind by way of my my fingers typing it to you. Fantastic concept executed oh so well. 5$

Flying Mouse
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People still not really can accept a "nude" print on the shirt. YOu are clever! $5


I love your designs as well. I really hope this one gets printed, despite the comments some have made disliking the fact that they are clothed. 5$!

jet approves

Hahaha, awesome. Why are you so great? 5$

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wow...this is FUNN!!




hahahaha They're not real. That alligator's not going to eat him. Impeccably done.


I like this alot, its funny and fun for the kids! Great jarb!

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I love it no matter what. Even though plastic blow up dolls don't wear clothes. Atleast the one in my bed doesn't. $5

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nude nude nude! Okay, still great $5

The Ending

its getting predictable giving you a 5$ these days......5$ sigh


Mr. Fatheed, I salute you! This is possibly your best yet. Surely a print! a big fat 5 and an even fatter $!!!

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great idea man.... when are we going to see some of these printed?


and another one!!! fatheed, we need prints!! $5

little g
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Hilarious! Lucky her mouth is naturally in that "scream" shape. $5

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hahahaha, best thing ever.


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You always have such great concept! And this one, i want it! haha


nice one, prefer it on sagestone, and i wanted boobies

Mama Young

I like it! Very very clever, but, the man blow up doll dosnt look like any blow up doll Ive seen LOL. He needs more curves LOL :)

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If by curves, you male appendage, then he doesn't need any addition, because - bizarrely, this is genuinely what they look like. I have added photographic evidence to my blog to support my case:



Fan-friggin'-tastic. Can't wait for this to get printed (it better, or else I will lose all faith in threadless)

$5, fo' sho'


haha, that's pretty awesome! I'd like to see the water and the deck as different colors, and the shadows make the woman look like she has feet that are going backwards, but those are minor fixes. Well done sir.

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Very cool , awesome work! I definitely prefer it on blue.

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5 plastic art 5


excellent ! i hope this gets printed !

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i vote for a full week of nothing but fatheed prints! O, and one type tee of mine for sale know, to make it a little different and all...


you get $5 just for the fact that you care about the inflatie people and their feelings!


Maybe on a light blue or an aqua green so that the pool factor is more noticeable but other than that superb and amusing!

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i NEED this! if shirts could be too funny, this one would be.


great usage of a blow up doll.

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great illustration and shading, you've really captured the vinyl/plastic appearance. I love the croc.

Patrick Seymour
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where's the guy erection ?

Patrick Seymour
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5$$$$$$$$$$ magic design ;)


Made me giggle.


I absolutely prefer it on the sagestone.

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that's pretty hilarious, and nicely drawn. $ if it's on sage and not pale blue. i can't wear pale blue.

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congrats on another great print!

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Cheers Ed and you other guys. Thanks to everyone who voted!


This needs to be reprinted.

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