Sharks. It HAD to be sharks...

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Sharks. It HAD to be sharks... by speedyjvw on Threadless
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Why is it sharks instead of snakes?

jublin profile pic Alumni

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Clams?!

Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Clam?!

Indiana Jones Secret of the Ooze!?!

i love it!

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

nice speedy Id like to see an after shot


ba-da-bing, ba-da-temple-of-DOOM!

this is getting a phat phive yo!


wowza sexpot.

worth all the work

you're crazy

i adore ya


Nice one!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I think he should have a baseball or something in his hand that is of comparable size to the pearl for the swith-a-roo, but people wouldn't probably get that it's an Indy parody unless you had the bag of sand. Still, bravo! Even if a bridge collapsed in front of me and I had to hitch a ride on the outside of a tank turrent to get to my computer and buy this shirt, I would.


Oh holy cow I love this shirt. It is so awesome. I love Indiana Jones and I would buy this shirt in a minute. Great job. $5.

chemi hydro

I enjoy?........... yes

staffell profile pic Alumni


Postal Pete

it oysters not clams jublin. clams don't produce peals.. I give it a 4


I'm conflicted on this one. I, like every bot growing up in the 80s, idolized Ford and his double-barreled heroness of Indiana Jones and Han Solo! But the lifelike illustration does throw some questions into the mix:
1. Never has there been a shark scene in any Indiana Jones movie. I get that you're creating your own "lore" here but having seen all of the movies 100s of times, it just doesn't jibe with me.
2. So its an absurd situation, OK, but have you ever tried to "stand" in water over your head? It's impossible unless your weighted down by something...
3. So what's the solution? Where can the absurd and realist live peacefully in harmony with the new "lore"? Here's what I'm proposing: put Indy in a old "diving bell" suit (think creature from the black lagoon). It's still current within the time frame of the movies and you could add a touch of the absurd back by putting his trademark fedora (a running joke in all the movies - the joke being that he can't lose the hat no matter what happens) on the outside of the diving bell. You could add his trademark whip to that to really shore up the concept...

Just some suggestions my friend. You obviously put a great deal of time into the illustration (I'd recognize him as Indy even without the title OR the Indy wearing the shirt thing) and I'd hate to see it go to waste!

abeadle profile pic Alumni

please print!

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