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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

Wandering Bert and Frickinawesome wish a good morning good morning to everyone!

When The Beatles weren't fixing a hole in the world of music and crafting arguably the most influential pop album of all time, they got a little help from their friends in the form of their biggest literal supporters: their studio chairs!

Somehow all of the aural intensity running rampant from those four musical magicians brought the inanimate world of objects in their studio to life! Oddly, the sound engineer Mr. Kite and his lovely assistant Rita were the only ones to witness this dream-like entity become a reality. Everything quickly went back to normal when the Beatles would slip back into Abbey Road Studios to lay down more energy-infused tracks, none the wiser to the mystifying events that were occurring all around them.

Whittled down from an arrangement of sixty-four, these noteworthy one-seaters secretly blasted out tunes for months and months. Over and over again they detailed what a day in the life of a lounging object was like, filling the studio's sky around them with twinkling diamond-like colors and charged emotions. The Musical Chair Orchestra had to admit to themselves they were getting better every time the Beatles went out for a smoke break and just let them be whatever they wanted.

Finally, the day came when the Beatles had sung their last note and strummed their final weeping guitar chord to their masterful album, tossing all the instruments and seats into a big, emotionless storage facility. Mr. Kite questioned what he had seen in those glorious few months. Had he just been intoxicated by the moments of monumental creativity and imagined within himself, without himself and in spite of himself the events that had taken place?

As he began to close the latch and lock up the door to Abbey Road Studios, he heard a sudden burst of music and a humongous racket inside, as if someone had been fiercely playing a violin and then smashed it hard against the ground. Returning to the studio, Mr. Kite found nothing out of the ordinary at first.

He then spotted something in the corner, something that the other indifferent and hasty grab-happy movers had failed to pack away. A single small, mostly-worn out chair lay turned on its side, tangled within a jungle of soundboard wires. A broken violin was also mysteriously entangled next to it. Mr. Kite picked up the forgotten objects, placed the violin pieces in his large bundle, and slowly dragged the chair out of the studio.

Maybe it had all been in his imagination, but as Mr. Kite walked out of the building and left for home that final day, he carried with him a new piece of furniture to sit on and contemplate all that is possible and magical in the world, when the right meaningful piece of music comes on and gives anyone or anything the power to achieve the impossible.


Haha, Evan you goofball! Nice work, you guys.

"And of course, Henry the horse dances the waltz..."

beesneak profile pic Alumni

thumbs up again.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni


resub awesomness.... this one makes the other one look like cha-chi in a battle against fonzy for ultimate cool!


FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

Woah, it's up already....thanks for the comments already you fine peoples you! Wandering Bert went the extra mile and beyond with the Beatles idea to make this re-sub extra groovy!

nintechno profile pic Alumni

very nice


chippos profile pic Alumni

yeah, the longest comment ever hahaha

i like the colors, but i think people will not undertand it easily

KDLIG profile pic Alumni

nice job both of you! my fave beatle is George =D


Good lord this is awesome.


nice story... nice design


well, maybe you should have incorporated a guitar, and a drum set.


It's got some humour to it, but seeing that I'd probably only use this in Norway, people wouldn't get it, since "musical chairs" is simply called "the chair game".

Are there any forms of entertainment including chairs in the US I'm unaware of?

I'm not counting wrestling.

andyg profile pic Alumni

Awesome colors!


nice one!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

Thanks for more comments people!

henrik- I thought musical chairs was called that everywhere in the world. It's still a concept that works tho i think. You don't need the musical chairs joke to make this work, it just makes it funnier.

vinnylo- It's not supposed to be a reproduction of the Beatles, but of the chairs making their own orchestra from the Beatle's energy. But i hear ya...there are drums and cymbals in the sub tho.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

this is cool although I wonder why the bling on teh front chair ? but it doesnt really matter

dacat profile pic Alumni

Great collab, WB has an awesome style $5

herky profile pic Alumni

great characters and colors, nice collab $5

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

nice but without the looong intro--it's a bunch of playing furnitures. but really cool textures


looks tons better


I just love that you put it on Paul for a model!


That story is tons better if you imagine it being read by Ringo Starr.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

Love the musical chairs and the colors. Ace work

OOH_OOH profile pic Alumni

This is a great design


Wow, I would buy just the story!

Great design, too. Large print ftw.

Jemae profile pic Alumni

looks good on tee! awesome idea! all the best to you, peep-holes! :)

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