S.G.N.L.T. (Shadow Goats Need Love Too)

Design by hifashn

S.G.N.L.T. (Shadow Goats Need Love Too) by hifashn on Threadless
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Not too bad, but it looks like a Doe and a Moose to me

A Cat Named Alan

i'm probably being a bit anal about this, but wouldn't the heart be light and the surrounding area dark? because it'd be the shadow of the hands. I really like the design though


Well tell the shadow goat he cant HAVE any love. No no no.


Oh my god.

I visit the U.S once a year, and you "Hforhello" just reminded me of bagles.... WHUUAAAAAAAAAA! ='(

Send me bagel, I vote and buy! x]


i ll buy it
i want it
i need it
fuckin' print it
and i m serious

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