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bananaphone profile pic Alumni

if anything the kid would see love more than the adult would.


I work with a dog daycare as a dog walker and i see this all day long. half the time it's just play initiation. anyway that's pointless, it's alright just not for a shirt

mrs. squid

Every time a child sees two dogs hump a angel gets it's wings.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

i don't see that as 'love'.

and when they get stuck together, time to bring out the salt. >:)


"....I dont know if I'd want to wear two dogs humping on a shirt.... "

lol why not... they have two unicorns humping on a shirt lol.

i think this isn't really appropriate to wear... to... church.... and such. lol. which means i cant get it.

kinda funny though.


Remove the text and have the adult's
speech bubble filled with puppies
and remove the thought bubble
from the kid.

The adult would look better being
beside the kid instead of behind him.


Funny, but I couldn't wear it.

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

if you lost the text and the speech bubbles, this would be hella creepy. and funny.


i just think that the web link to a blogpost who criticize the design is quite petty, scoring 0 would have been enough...
by the way, it's not because one tee printed before uses animals having sex that every design with animals having sex have to be called ripp-off.
i must say i'm not a big fan of this design but... let's just play it fair...


The man loves watching dogs hump? The man loves that the little boy is thinking about dogs humping? Why is he pointing to the dogs and thinking love thoughts? Sha-mone!

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