Seven Monkies

Design by starr226

Seven Monkies by starr226 on Threadless
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The monkeys are great! $5 for monkeys, ditch girl.


Yippe, sock monkeys! The girl's face bothers me, though. You should consider a design with just the monkeys in the future because they are so adorable. ;)


i think there could be fewer monkies.
but all in all its a cute design.
i wouldnt buy it though.

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

respect the monkeys^^


The girl is totally random and the design works great without her. Rock on sock monkeys!

CarrieOpal profile pic Alumni

Tiny sock monkeys?!? Does it get any better than this? Love the idea. Very cute and exectuted well. :)


If you just make the sock monkeys tiny on the shirt, they're still tiny!

In any case, 5 for the sock monkeys - $ if the girl goes away :)


have the girl dangling a chain of all the sock monkeys holding onto eachother like monkey's in a barrel.

just a suggestion cause i like the shirt as is also.


This design makes me smile.

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