Seven Deadly Sins

Design by Skipper6745

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i think-
1 is lust
2 is wrath
3 is sloth
4 ?
6 is gluttony
7 is greed

4 and 5 must be envy and pride - but they really aren't very clear - pride should be looking in a mirror or something, and envy could be pickpocketing one of the others.

it's not a bad idea - but needs some work still.


or maybe 5 is greed and 7 is envy

eh- it's not clear enough


Love the concept, but the execution could be a LOT better. Right now it's kinda vague what each number is doing. Not really a fan of the color scheme either, but that could just be personal preference.

Hope you try again sometime, I really do like the idea.


just not clear enough... i dont' think people would get it...then I'd have to stop and explain it as they stare at my side.

(well.. 1 and 5 and 6 are the most clear....the rest...are a bit hard to pin down.)


i really can't like this.
the drawing looks too elementary. like the numbers/letters you look at in kindergarten that make references to what they are (the A holds an apple bit). now that i've seen this idea a few times in recent subs, i think this one is the worst, it holds nothing appealing or obvious enough in theme aside from the numbers.


i thin k that it's ok and that it would be better if it was more clear.....a 3 for now.

Big Ed

Ha Ha, good point!! ^

ResonantFish profile pic Alumni

Great idea, but really awkwardly illustrated.


I don't think the illustrations are clear enough in this. Especially five and seven, followed by four (which at first I thought "Wait, budding isn't a sin. Humans can't even do that") and one, which I'm assuming is supposed to be lust? But just looks like doing splits in a bikini.
And if that's a sin, then I don't want to be heavenly.

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