Seriously: The Dark Swan?

Design by sombers_eye

Seriously: The Dark Swan? by sombers_eye on Threadless
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sombers_eye profile pic Artist

Seriously: The Dark Swan?

Oh, so dark. Oh, so funny Spoofing these two cool icons. Hope you say, "Here's the money" Bring the Hot Hitz game on.

Please say 'yes' to my parody Whether it's a win or a fail. You decide, oh sweet destiny If I'll triump or go to jail.

Print: For me, this is best in white tee because of the Black Swan poster, it looks so epic :a dark portrait in a white shirt. This option here is also nice. I want the print to be sort of vintage so I think simulated process would be super(or whatever can best pull off that vintage effect).

Details: The card symbols: heart, spade, clover and diamond are specially reconstructed to feature a swan design; please go here for a closer look:

Poem: The poem above is an extension of the design's creativity. I know it's kinda offbeat but hope you had fun!

L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

Nice entry for the contest.


great style.

YaaH profile pic Alumni


Ryder profile pic Alumni

nice... although i must admit that i'd getting a little tired of the Dark Knight Joker parodies...


I'm with Ryder, nice stylee but another Dark Knight?

Theo86 profile pic Alumni

Nice one!!

sombers_eye profile pic Artist

thanks threadlesszens!



sombers_eye profile pic Artist

Well I think if its very iconic , u would never go tire of the design, I mean threadless releases a star wars related spoof and u dnt go "oh here's another star wars design". I think classics are classics, they never go old. And I believe that 100 yrs from now, people will still be talking bout the film.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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I love the title to this, sums up most of our feelings about another Joker parody, lol. You did a very cool job with this, mixing all kinds of styles and features from both films to create something at least original from the other jokes of this ilk.

I mean threadless releases a star wars related spoof and u dnt go "oh here's another star wars design".

While that's true, there's dozens and dozens of different characters and thousands of different combinations/scenarios you can make from the Star Wars universe, where here we've seen pretty much the same joker face/Why So Serious? line twisted a hundred different ways.


thanks frickinawesome. i actually took the inspiration from the black swan and dark knight. even the card symbols have a special symbol that resembles swan figures. Thanks still.


I like your design, aL eye or sombers rose. It is quite lovely on gray.

sombers_eye profile pic Artist

hahha, al is my friend whi i battled to sign up for threadless. she's travelling and I asked if I could sign in her account and comment. ehehehe.

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