Selflessly Broken

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Selflessly Broken by Link Design on Threadless
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Link Design
Link Design profile pic Artist

What you love enough to think less of your self and more of others, you sometimes find yourself very broken. Bitter sweet, less is more.

4 colors on Asphalt.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I think i'd like more without the pattern in the background, but nice take on heartbreak and the sands of time, and also love the red and blue highlights.


creative concept


I like very much the style, but I'm agree with frickinawesome, it's better without the backround

Link Design
Link Design profile pic Artist

Thanks. I was kinda regretting the patter afterwards too.. bah! Wish I could resubmit it without. Would they be ok with me saying lets do it without! ha.


Is beautiful and poetic that image.
But why don't the ornamentation croses back the clock?

Link Design
Link Design profile pic Artist

guess I didnt want it to interfere with the hour glass too much. Now I just wish it wasnt there at all.

Link Design
Link Design profile pic Artist

I completely agree.. not sure what I was thinking. I will be reworking this one. I really rushed this one trying to get it in for the "Less is More"

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