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Kojima profile pic Alumni

You have a awesome imagination!


nice $5

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Wow this is good! And I definitely love your style.

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist


"This creature actually is one of the spy from Planet Jupiter. They going survey the enviroment on earth. But when this creature cross over the jungle, the hunter coincidental shoot it down...

They found that earth is really a fantastic planet, human in earth are enjoying a really wonderful life. A lot of natural resource, nice food, beutiful outfit, shopping, karaoke, PS3, Wii, clubbing, beach...... They going to attack earth and own all what human own!!

The hunter is taking a photo with a excited face, but he don't know that a huge crisis is coming to earth behind his quary...... "

Just thinking don't want to see a deer corpse in the design. so I decide replace it with this story. Hope you like it.

~By Flying Mouse


this is pretty cool and glad it goes away from all the other general deer subs that we've been seeing. Only thing is, are there palm trees in the background? and this must be printed on the babseball jersey

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

the background is a jungle, the baseball jersey just a template for the design placement. Sure can print on others shirt.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

I love this shirt - 5$


great idea. You just need to work on the colours. It looks really dull on my screen


hurrah it's up! $5

The Ending

love your work!

mezo profile pic Alumni

That snot green color is FABULOUS!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

if they can print this gnarly design on the old-school retro-sleeve shirt you have in your presentation, then im sold.


Excellent job in bringing a new angle to the contest
:) :) :) :)


Awesome. The hunter looks like my best friend's dad. He likes to hunt, and he would probably like this shirt as well. Good job.

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