See me melting for you

Design by KDLIG

See me melting for you by KDLIG on Threadless
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you have a very interesting style

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

i'd prefer it without the hole at the bottom, it's kinda distracting...but it looks like you are aware of that yourself, since you've kind of "hidden" it away in the presentation. i'm gonna give you a straight critique since i respect your skills, please don't take it the wrong way:)
a lot of your designs are freaking awesome, but more often than not they're burdened down bu superfluous elements that pull the focus away from the best bits. i'd like to see head n' shoulders in this HUGE on the shirt, it looks great with the pacific blue..$4


To creepy for my vote.

Salty Rubberbands

What.. no RED shirt? What about Black?

I REALLY love the graphic, though.

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