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sooty profile pic Artist

I apologise in advance to anyone I have missed off, it has been a painstaking process narrowing down the rock genre. Please don't give it a rubbish score if I have missed off your favourite band. I've tried to keep it pure rock, so I've left out metallica and bands that could be classed as pure metal. I have also left out 'rock and roll' artists such as the beatles and Elvis, otherwise there would be just too many.

If there is any genuine rock I have missed off then let us know, I'm sure they can edit it if it gets printed.

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

^^^I hope you're kidding...Take off Jack White, Green Day... actually take em all off, the design kinda speaks for itself, but as far as band/artist choices, some of those are terrible.


AHAHAHAHAH I love this!

holds up lighter


Green day needs to go. First of all it's punk, and second it's no good (at least not in comparison to the otherwise legends you've listed)

And please remember to spell Jimi correctly as some one else mentioned.

Btw, isn't Eric Clapton mainly a blues musician? I'm not really a big fan of his, so I wouldn't quite know, but..?


It is a great idea, but yeah, there's no real way to pull it off and keep enough people happy to appeal across the board. No matter what your metrics are for determining who goes where and who makes it onto the list, probably more than half the audience is going to wish you did it differently.

Perhaps there's a more generic way to do it... maybe with smaller illustrations that look like the bands/artists in question but aren't spelled out? I dunno. I know I wouldn't wear it myself even though I love the concept. Just because I don't agree with the worth of all the folks in the lineage, especially not near the top.

Also, @Grillsovs, Eric Clapton is considered blues a lot of the time, but he was the guitarist for Cream, and they were clearly rock, for what it's worth. I personally think Clapton's the most overrated guitarist alive, but that's beside the point. :P

But yeah, the main potential gripe I'm actually going to voice is this: You've left out the Beatles but included the Eagles?

staffell profile pic Alumni

there are more bands than layers

staffell profile pic Alumni

oh, and U2 are godawful

sooty profile pic Artist

appologies for speling. Like I said I did think about putting the beatles on but then if rock and roll is included then Elvis would have to go and where would it end!? as someone has spotted, there are already more bands than layers! I would consider taking off green day though, I thought they were more punk rock than pure punk but maybe you're right. There's always going to be someone people don't like in there but it doesn't change the fact they are part of rock history which is what the design is about, rather than just a list of bands you like.

thank you for your kind words so far


cool!!! I want it! :D

sooty profile pic Artist

I used the times font as I wanted it to have a kind of textbook diagram kind of feel to it. the different bands have such different styles that using their fonts and logos didn't look right. I think the more neutral font gives it a less involed, more of an observer kind of look to it.


Good one with the last post

How about Yngvie Malmsteen or Joe Satriani?

Just suggestions, not bitching.



I think you should lose the words alltogether. The design does speak for itself


heh I spelled altogether wrong

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

I would suggest geology related rock band parody names instead


Awesome idea. Miss some details on the guitar though.

Flight of the Conchords

Geology related names would be pretty cheesy.

It's kind of a bind between trying to please everyone (never will happen) and the idea of the sub (which wouldn't really be as cool without names..?)

In the end it's your sub so I'd stick with what you want.

And the suggestion about putting telephone lines for the strings is grand.

sooty profile pic Artist

I think the telegraph pole strings is a great idea. I have added them to my original design file so they can use them if it gets printed. I don't like the idea of making up geology related band names though, I think the rock pun is enough.


Heh. Seeing all the people going "Add band x" and "no way on band Y"... I think the only conclusion you can draw is that you're never going to please everyone, that's just too subjective, so you should stick with what you think works. DON'T go for a more generic way to do this as someone suggested... that would ruin the joke utterly.

This is awesome as it is. Stick to your guns!

(matthijs) profile pic Alumni

The concept is cool, but with some improvements in execution it could be so much better. Like someone mentioned before, I don't think you need the bands up there (I would NEVER wear a shirt with Bon Jovi on it for example, except when it says 'Kill Bon Jovi').
The top of the guitar looks a bit too flat and if you decide to keep the type, you can do better than that.


LOL. this is great.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

BON FUCKING JOVI!?!?!?!?!?!? Really? Like the idea, would love geology-based names off of real bands, ste7en's idea is good, you shouldn't ignore it. I'd buy it like that.


brilliant. 5. all of the best rock bands are there and some are missing but that doesnt matter. still very cool


chuck berry fer shizzle

Jebs profile pic Alumni

ahahah, that's awesome man!!!! 5$ but the font used is not appropriate at all in my opinion ;-)


I think the font is fine because it looks like a diagram from a text book.


I love the concept, but I hate U2.... don't worry you still get a 5

sooty profile pic Artist

green day are the cleverly place fault line it would seem. again, sorry about the spelling, I have amended the design.


I realize this may have been said as I've read a zillion comments now and only made it halfway, but what about listing epic moments in rock instead? Beatles on Ed Sullivan, Woodstock, etc.? Maybe people would be slightly less picky?
I don't know if that works for you though, and I think it's a cool design either way.


I don't even know who Jack White is.


no text - love it


sorry, actually i just meant get rid of "sedimentary rock"


on the Green Day issue, it used to be Punk Rock, until Amer. Idiot. Old Green day was pretty punk rock


Eww, Bon Jovi. This gets 0.

sooty profile pic Artist

I was going to start with elvis but he seemed to be more rock and roll then rock. the beatles, fine they can go in. The ones at the top aren't necesarily inovators of rock, the bands are listed in the order of first album release ( according to wiki research). I thought it was interesting to see how the previous artists informed and influenced the more modern ones above them up to the present rather than it all being classic rock legends from yesteryear.


Dear GOD this is a horrible shirt.
Yeah, who IS Jack White? White Stripes? I wouldn't know.
Hate Green Day (now).
And how dare you submit a shirt with artist names' misspelled? This is like, holy ground you're treading on here.

I apologize, I'm not usually so critical.
On a personal note, I understand it's textbookish, but Times New Roman makes the baby Jesus cry.

I really do think you're better off with just the guitar design, and even then, make the knobs and whatnot look more like actual geographical forms.

The Ending

I love all of those bands, but it would work better without them. nice job!


Great idea!!! I love it!!! Green Day doesn't qualify as rock, though. They barely qualify as music. I think they're emo, which is best defined as a bit of indegestion spawned by rock.

hellofromthemoon profile pic Alumni

noo don't listen to all these people (sorry)
anything band related is going to make at least SOMEONE annoyed, i think it's fine the way it is. the idea's really good, which is what matters - i doubt many people are walking around reading the fine print on someone's shirt anyway.

you should spell the names right, though.

sooty profile pic Artist

Thank you for all your comments. I know it's going to be impossible to please everyone but as I said earlier, it's not meant to be a list of bands you like, it's supposed to illustrate rock history. Ok green day can come off. Ok the beatles can go on. But I think Jack white should stay, he may be early in his career but he is the top soil so I think this is ok. and jonny cash is country not rock.
having said that, the text in the design is all editable so if it gets printed threadless can put who they like in it.

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