Secret Weapon

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Secret Weapon by Pifman on Threadless
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so what ya goona say when someone asks "so what's that all about"? you better have some somooth lines ready, brother.

ResonantFish profile pic Alumni

I see whatcha mean now, Pifman. You're one sick mofo. Me, I think I'll stick with the OTHER meat.

Ronin60 profile pic Alumni

haha, real nice


i have a koran just like this.


first of all great design, very clean and neat, i just dont like how its a dildo, i wish it were something else then i would buy it. but nontheless its very good +5.


i wasn't even thinking dildo the first time i saw this, i was pretty much thinking penis, and i don't really want to (nor can i really see others wanting) wear penis on my shirt.

...not that a big fat blue dildo would be better.


i go to a catholic school
oh lord.

great concept

slender fungus

this is the type of clever i like.

but what's so wrong with centering shit? for true. if it was in the center more people would look and laugh.

slender fungus

p.s. i would totally wear this despite the fact there is a phallic shape.


hahahaha nice


catholic school graduate! hahahaha, love it, but i could never wear it around my kids, and i'm always around my kids!

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