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TheloniusMnk profile pic Artist

No audience needed.

Peters not economically viable

Nice. I like this idea a lot but I wish the arm was a little longer. I'd like for it to stand out more. And that's the only (minor) complaint I have. Love that he wears his spiked wrist band even in the shower.




This makes me giggle happily. :)


I agree with brian1 on the centre placement, but i like it!

TheloniusMnk profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments so far! I kinda like the steam curls personally, but it would be pretty easy just to chop those out.


Awesome design :)

Kojima profile pic Alumni

I'm going to slit BobbyAnderson's gut and hang him up by his entrails.


maybe a little smaller? I like it, but maybe not on a shirt.

TheloniusMnk profile pic Artist

just being pedantic, but shouldn't the shower curtain sit inside the bath. Don't want the rocker to slip and injure him/herself when they get out!

Our rocker is using the standard shower curtain/vinyl liner combo, where the curtain is on the outside and the liner inside. But thanks for your concern!


I like the steam curls a lot (they add character), my own shower curtain has an inside and an outside layer, the arm is the correct length, the studded wrist thing is funny. Good job, don't change a thing, you've got it exactly right.


Hmm... It kind of looks like he's excited to be taking a shower and throwing up the horns because of that. I don't think I'd get it if I didn't know the context. :\

TheloniusMnk profile pic Artist

Who doesn't get excited to take a shower?

But anyway, I figured the studded leather bracelet and the musical note that he's yelling would be enough to get the point across.


Oh bosh. The context is obvious! Who doesn't sing in the shower?

I want this shirt to wear while playing Guitar Hero II. ;)


Is this karate kid inspired? Reminds me of Daniel Larouso's costume. =^p


Also think you can have a little bit more going on in the shirt. Maybe like a guitar poking out the sides, mayhaps?



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