Seattle Skyline

Design by slaterock

Seattle Skyline by slaterock on Threadless
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i am liking this, i wonder though if you could break out of the rectangle maybe activate the negative space better? nice stuff though.

slaterock profile pic Artist

Hey guys, thanks for the comments. Tristan, you're right. that would be a way to go, but I wanted something that was similair to a horizontal rectangle. I might mess with breaking that shape later though. Keep voting!!!!!!!

slaterock profile pic Artist

well, my intentions were never to have the pipes and tree line up, but maybe i should have thought about that. Again, thanks all for voting, as well as the comments!


nice piece, on pale, rockin. reminds me of my mom's old album covers. happier times

slaterock profile pic Artist

hey, thanks for the comment nitrojane. Now that you say that, i definitely see the cobainedness in the face. Awesome awesome. Thanks for voting everyone!

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