Sea You On the Other Side

Design by Ste7en

Sea You On the Other Side by Ste7en on Threadless
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She Says So

beautiful concept.

would perfer this on a green tee though.


Yeah...those are some good looking eyes. I'm glad this one is up, it's a nice break from all the crappy ones! Yay Ste7en!

mezo profile pic Alumni

GREAT story line. The dying fish is by far the best.

I think your colors choices could use help.
And maybe simplify the art a bit to make it less redundant. We don't really need the swooshes of the fish to tell us it's evolving since the circle tells us.

asher27 profile pic Alumni

the colors are... not good.

i feel the need for red, creme/white, and black to be in this... not the colors you have....


hate dave matthews. love this shirt.

i'd prefer it if you changed the shade of the yellow from french's mustard yellow to something more like pastel yellow.

but i'd take it as is- on blue. 5$


nice work!

i really like the time-lapse feeling.

$5 and a buy


Don't know the song but the illo completely rocks. It's brilliant.

asher27 profile pic Alumni

Ste7en, at 7:59pm on Jan 31, 2006
my sincere apologies for coloring the sun yellow and the water blue...sometimes I just dont make sense at all.

sorry if i sounded rude in my last post, i just feel like the colors are too bright for each other, especially the yellow. i know someone above mentioned that a more pastel-y yellow would look nicer, and i totally agree. and maybe a slightly different shade of blue?

and on the pink t everything is too clashy, if it was a duller and lighter yellow and maybe a more purpley-blue instead of teal it would go much nicer.

the design itself though, is awesome.

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