Sea you in a whale

Design by Santo76

Sea you in a whale by Santo76 on Threadless
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Only a warning: I'm not an english speaker... the idea was a word game that means "See you in a while", it sounded good to me... hope it is ok!

4 inks (including white for some details), 2 gradients on light yellow tee.


I'd like it better without the text. The waves and the whale are cute!


I think that flipped around (whale in front, text in back) would be a simple way to improve this a lot. though I'm not really feeling the text either way.

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I had first designed without any text and with the wahale in the front and I felt it was too much for kids... maybe I should upload the kids version...


I would love it a lot more without the text and the whale and waves on the front.

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