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you done gone and flunked it up again.

jokin witcha pat.
I am feeling it a bit smaller though.


This one guy, left a comment, he used the word MARGINABLE.
What does that mean?
Am I able to be in the margins?

I love these dipshits that think they are witty and clever, but fail miserably.
Hey backyardian, your design is magnifficable, I think the presentumapation of the blue is superflouric.
That is a real critique, know what I'm sayin dawg-G.



While it may seem we are 14years old, we are actually 14 years older than you.
This is a desperate attempt to reclaim our college years youthfullness.
We are actually both going through midlife crisis'. Our porsches don't seem to do it anymore.

Perhaps you could throw a party with some “Hot Chix”
Invite us over, and watch our successfull asses reap all the rewards with our six figure bankrolls.
Sound fun to you? Didn't think so.
If you wanna come swim with the sharks, don't wear your lucky chum bracelet. You dig?


why does everyone want to be a hater these days?

I am smelling some serious inferiority complexes around this place.
If you don't like the work, why don't you move on, and leave this space for more engaging conversation?
That seems like the logical mature thing to do, at least I think.

We don't circle jerk, we just enjoy heckling toy bitches like yourself via the internet.
You may view it as a circle jerk, since that is what you and your pals do, but we are not you.

Step up and show the community what you got, besides a fucking opinion. Ya HEARD?
I don't see the oozing freshness that the air of your personality appears to breathing.

In fact, I think you have nothing to show for yourself, so why don't you go ahead and say it?
ohh shit... tell your friends... you predicted the future.


Somebody reported me, for threatening them or something.
I have a good Idea who it was, but I will let karma take its course.
Seems the internet wasn't ready for my space styles, ohh well.

I don't see how somebody could feel threatened over the internet.
Reminds me of Bush with all his talks of terrorism, you know.
Part of the Right Wing conspiracy if you ask me.


My latest submission should shut those people up.
It is titled- Insert Foot.


"metalobism". hee hee.

oh, hang on... constructive and respectful, right? er... how about "too big"? is that constructive enough?


I once kissed a girl in a wet scuba suit, guess that makes me like your shirt..................but it´s still a waste of time just to put a diver on a tee and call it design, isen´t it??

Hahha, or maybe I´m just missing the meaning of blue and black together, or is his face resemblant to Steve McQueens?


....maybe it was a merman, it was kind of dark back there in Nice...............................gotta go check some photos now......................

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