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whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

this is not copyright's obviously being parodized.


yep, my sentiments exactly--parody use is ok. And this is a great illustration. Love it!


Factual note on copyright law: Parody is not an exemption from copyright law, it's a possible defence when you're being prosecuted for infringement. Courts have previously accepted that using part of an existing work in a parody of that work counts as 'fair use'. It specifically doesn't mean that parody is OK and exempt from prosecution; it's not. Nor does it mean that a parody plea will be automatically accepted by a court; it won't. You can still be prosecuted and lose. Lesson ends.

Still, this is such a great picture. Funny as hell and beautifully drawn.


there is nothing about this that says that it is a character that is copyrighted.. it could just be some sort of green-mold creature that was growing in the trash can. Infact, since you cant see the creature's face.. you really cant tell if it is the character you are thinking of.


Love this. Very funny


Awesome shirt! $5!


archangel, you've become someone whom i look for when voting for subs, ur ideas are original and great, and your artwork is top-notch. i really like this one, expressions are great and all the details really help


priceless, the bum is drawn perfectly. i'll let the jakes decide what's copyright infringement.


I love how the shirt color being
green ( Spring, growth, fresh,
new, etc. ) is the opposite of
the design's mood. Great use of
irony and bringing in a 5th
color, Archangel.

5 and $ BUY $

Archangel profile pic Artist

Wolvie! It makes total sense that you're on Threadless! Do some submissions, man!


i love it

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

Shut the fuck up about copyright. Threadless have access to solicitors, who unlike YOU, went through lawschool. So rate the tshirt - shut up - and let threadless do it's job.

I am so sick of know it alls who really know very little. The only reason you think you know anything about law is probably from OTHER dickheads like you making comments about OTHER tshirts that are similar.


Very nice and funny. A very small point, nad i may be nitpicking, could Oscar be looking up at the guy instead of straight across. Also for the T, any chance of it on a colour similar to the submission background? It looks far superior to the green...


But why isn't his finger on the trigger?


to owen skyser-gray :

It would become violent if the bum
tried to invade our little green
freind's home. Presently they
are just defining the property



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