Scary stories around the campfire

Design by jemale

Scary stories around the campfire by jemale on Threadless
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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

this is pretty wonderful. The way you drew this and really got the mood of both the campfire scary story world along with the perimeter monster freak-outs is just really impressive.

Tian Lubis

loved it well done 5$

Chris Rowson
Chris Rowson profile pic Alumni

Really the the tonal quality of this one. Very nice! 5$

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

Leroy_Hornblower on Aug 25 '09
Nice design. I'm surprised this hasn't received more response.

totally. this is beautifully done

mark722 profile pic Alumni

yes! i love this!

Pakpandir profile pic Alumni

awesome stuff man! great colours and awesome concept.

Skap 1er

excellent illustration!!!!!

nasmo profile pic Alumni

Wow. Nice colors, and excellent use of negative space.

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