Say "Aaaaargh!"

Design by Rob Barrett

Say "Aaaaargh!" by Rob Barrett on Threadless
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dschwen profile pic Alumni

haha, awesome!


Took me a while, then I noticed the lollipop and was wondering why a pirate was waving a lollipop...ohhh...teeth! I do like that lollipop!

YaaH profile pic Alumni


So great!!!!

Rob Barrett
Rob Barrett profile pic Artist

Thanks very much for the comments and voting, guys - glad you like it!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Stupendous perspective, really funny stuff. Reminds me of a scurvy version of the same shot in Little Shop Of Horrors.

Rob Barrett
Rob Barrett profile pic Artist

Wow, what a gross shot that is! I just had to Google the scene, as I've somehow managed to not see the whole of that film.


i would detailed more the left pirate, clothes and face

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