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Say it with authority.

Design by Goaldangoal

Say it with authority. by Goaldangoal on Threadless
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i think the 'somebody else' should be type in the box.


Fair Use Act, act of parody = legal


Pretty sure this is protected under parody rules. I love it!


Oh, and I agree - "somebody else" should be typed in the search box, that would add the edge to this design that'll push it over the top.


Clever idea, though I don't think I have the chutzpah to presume I'm being ogled. Maybe if it came with a matching miniskirt, or fishnet stockings.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

its parody, so it isn't in breach of copyright. Get over it, you arent lawyers, threadless most likely have a solicitor - let him or her do the damn work.


i hate this. it's way too tacky. and i hate shirts with stupid saying on them.

sorry, it's not working for me.

HotShit It looks like some dumb shirt you'd get in Sears but without those retarded little monkeys

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