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40 Comments profile pic Artist

This was an original oil painting that I have been waiting for the right time to put on a shirt. He is based off the Cheshire Cat and delivers the important message to always SMILE :)

2 Options for SMILE on the back - Along the top or in the place of the smile on the front :)

L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

Great illo. profile pic Artist

this is brilliant o_o so badass! this better be printed 5$!!!


i want this! it's amazing


Wonderful character! profile pic Artist

Thank you everyone =D I really enjoyed painting this on canvas so seeing it as a shirt is SO awesome ^_^!


Sensational artwork. Made me smile :D

ivanrodero profile pic Alumni

awesome work! profile pic Artist

@ Nyah- I agree :D! Please Print! lol

@Manz- that was the goal after all :]

@everyone- thank you for the support ^^! I have high hopes for this one =)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Not a fan of the text, or at least how contrasting it is to the illustration, but that's one amazing, frenzied Cheshire cat representation,really cool stuff.


I think it's better without the text. But the graphic is amazing, I'd buy it! :D ( profile pic Artist

The actual text is on the back- I just placed it in this layout on the front so you guys could see it. Sorry for the confusion!!!


were you inspired by the chesire cat by Xavier Collette? reminds me a lot of his character though yours differs in detail profile pic Artist

@Ignzed- YES! I freaking LOVED his work and drew colorations and what not from him! Wasn't a fan of the most recent CGI one :/ profile pic Artist

ty everyone :D Keepin my fingers crossed ^_^ profile pic Artist

@Daisy_zinn- :O that would be really really cool!!! =D Thanks for the suggestion!


pls. printttttttttt!!!!!

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