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DesignbyProxy profile pic Artist's a sick stab at flying mouse's seal clubbing shirt... WTF? It's a manatee, first off. Second off, I had a seal clubbing slogan before flying mouse had that design. Thirdly, I love flying mouse's designs, and I wouldn't try to poke fun in any form or fashion and Finally, I just like making lists.


ohhhh the HU-MANATEE!


renfrue profile pic Alumni

there's no blood on the prop

the propeller is innocent!


DesignbyProxy profile pic Artist

I was about to freak, if someone made a fake account just for my sub.

This is not an attack at manatees, I love them just as much as the next guy. In fact, you could call me a sea cow-boy. It's just a a design, for design's sake, but I guess I can understand if you don't like it.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

rolf Im stealing that from you .. (the sea-cow boy thing) but this is cool as are manatees


Save the manatees from bad photoshop splatters!


you could call me a sea cow-boy

If you no one has done that design then it has GOT to be done!

This is a nice sketch of a manatee. The blood would be fine with me if it was meaningful in some way but I don't see it as meaningful in this design.

DesignbyProxy profile pic Artist

WTF is up with all the rude comments? I understand saying, yeah I like it, or what I can improve, but statements like "poorly done design" makes no sense to me. At least point out what's so poor about it, maybe give me suggestions on what I can fix.


Don't let haterz getcha down Martian! :)

DesignbyProxy profile pic Artist

cold collards, who cares? until I see a design of yours, you comments have nearly no merit. If you are truely 31, act your age please, and be mature. Still you have given no constructive criticism, just attitude.


Not a fan of the blood.

DesignbyProxy profile pic Artist

Cold_collards, I understand the definition of constructive criticism. "well-reasoned" however is not what I would call "I can draw this with my left hand"... I would call that being a braggart and inconsiderate. I'm sure there are many who agree with me, even if they don't like this design (as made noted by it dropping early- due to blood no doubt) that those kind of comments are completely unwarranted and non-constructive in anyway. Also, "poorly done design" is not articulate at all, and would require some more input as to why in order to be constructive. I understand if people didn't like this design, I wasn't expecting much out of it, but your comments were entirely uncalled for.

DesignbyProxy profile pic Artist

naw, it's cool man. I'm more offended at the unneseccary comments such as the left hand thing. I know it's a simple line drawing, because I DID it... if it was really that hard to do, It would have taken me alot longer to complete.

My first comment with the 5$ as well as defending myself against the flying mouse comment were pretty much jokes--see the very end of my 2 comment on this page, you can see my sarcasm, a little bit.

Just in the future, I propose a little bit of tact, and maybe some well founded comments, as well as offering suggestions on how to improve a design, rather than saying how bad it is an how annoyed you would be if someone ever wore it.

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